Althea Braithwaite

Talking it Through

Talking it Through is published by Catnip Publishing Ltd, 14 Greville Street, London EC1N 8SB

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  • Be careful book cover

    Be Careful.
    Illustrated by Ian Newsham

    Some children and their friendly toys explore the many pitfalls that can be found in the home and outside. We would like to thank RoSPA for their help in producing this book.

  • Dyslexia book cover

    Illustrated by Frances Cony

    Six children tell their stories: positive stories that offer a range of practical, confidence-building strategies for dealing with the day to day problems that dyslexia can present.

  • Asthma book cover

    Illustrated by Frances Cony

    Helping children to control their own asthma is the main aim of this book. It gives guidlines on the use of inhalers and suggestions for parents and teachers, all illustrated in an attractive, lively style.

  • Your body book cover

    How your Body Works.
    Illustrated by Frances Cony

    How many muscles does it take to smile? Why does spinning around make you dizzy? These are just two of the questions answered in this exciting adventure through the human body.

  • Hospital book cover

    Illustrated by Edmund Bright

    Being admitted to hospital can be worrying for both parent and child. This delightfully illustrated book provides a reassuringly upbeat guide to hospital routines from a young person's point of view.

  • I can't hear like you book cover

    I can't hear like you.
    Illustrated by Bridget Dowty

    Deafness is experienced by many children and yet it is not talked about on a regular basis. Sometimes other people can be impatient and even unkind. This thoughtful reassuring book explains that deafness need not limit a child's horizons.

  • Lunch boxes book cover

    Lunch Boxes.
    Illustrated by Chris O'Neill

    A guide to healthy eating. Lunch Boxes offers an upbeat look at food. Using humour and lively illustrations, this book takes a refreshing realistic look at eating, and touches on a range of issues including vegetarianism and food allergies.

  • When Uncle Bob died book cover

    When Uncle Bob Died.
    Illustrated by Sarah Wimperis

    When someone special dies a child may need to talk about them and share their feelings, their confusion and their sadness. This thoughtful book offers a good starting point for discussing death and children's concerns about it.