Althea Braithwaite

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I started by writing and illustrating fiction, mainly animal stories, but when my son was born, I realised there was a lack of factual books for young children, this was in the early seventies, and much has changed since then.

Some of my books are written to explain new or difficult situations to children. The books were researched with children as well as experts, but written from the children's point of view. Hospital, which was originally written for the National Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital in 1973, was revised in 2000 when hospitals had made immeasurable changes for the better. A more recent book Dyslexia (2003) shows that there is still room for improvement in some areas of the country.

I was very pleased to be commissioned to write a series 'Choices' for A & C Black, talking about emotions and how to cope with them. I was delighted to have met Dorothy Rowe who gave her expert advice on how to cope. The first four were published in 1997.

I have written and designed around 300 books on a wide variety of subjects. Many of my books were commissioned - for the National Trust, the Stock Exchange, the TGWU, the Industrial Society and many other diverse bodies. I always enjoyed the challenge of explaining a difficult concept in a simple way.

My other publishers included A & C Black, Longmans, Macmillan and Cambridge University Press. Many of the books that I wrote are now out of print. Through popular request I have made some available through

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