Althea Braithwaite

Desmond the Dinosaur

I wrote and illustrated my first story about Desmond the Dinosaur in 1967, after buying an oak carving of a dinosaur. He's a rather miserable looking dinosaur, so I thought I would write a story explaining why he was sad. At the time I was running a printing company, and we decided to print my book along with some other stories.

Sadly, Desmond is now out of print, and perhaps looking for a new publisher. In the meantime I have paperback copies of the three books shown below, and I can send you the set for £14 including post and packing, but please email me before sending a cheque or paying through Paypal, to make sure that I am around, and the books are still available.

Book Cover of Desmond the Dinosaur


Several other books in the Desmond series, including the first book, Desmond the Dinosaur, are now available to buy from

  • Book cover of Desmond and the Fancy Dress Party

    Desmond is excited to be invited to a fancy dress party. But his costume scares the other guests.

  • Book cover of Desmond at the Zoo

    Desmond enjoys meeting all the animals in the zoo. The keeper would like him to stay, but Desmond isn't too sure.

  • Book cover of Desmond goes to the Vet

    Desmond hurts his foot and has to have an injection! It is soon over and Desmond agrees that it didn't hurt much.

Desmond the (miserable) dinosaur