Althea Braithwaite


Choices is a thought-provoking series that supports the Framework for PSHE and Citizenship at Key Stage 2. In each book, children talk about their emotions, and how they cope with difficult situations.

Photographs by Charlie Best, Illustrations by Conny Jude, Series consultant Dr Dorothy Rowe.

Published by: A & C Black, Bloomsbury Publishing plc, 50 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3DP

These books can be purchased from the Bloomsbury website

"tackles issues sensitively through straight-forward text and engaging photographs of children from different backgrounds." Junior Education

"An excellent support for circle time in school, for PSE work or for discussion between children." Books for Keeps

Books can be ordered through your local bookshop or through Amazon.

  • Feeling Shy book cover

    Feeling shy can make you feel a bit lonely. Children talk about what makes them feel shy, how they cope, and how to help someone who is feeling the same way.

  • Feeling Scared book cover

    We are all scared at times. Children talk about the different things that make them feel scared, and how they have learned to cope with feeling frightened.

  • Feeling Sad book cover

    Children talk about what makes them feel sad, what ways they find to deal with it, and how they might help someone who is feeling the same way.

  • I'm me and you are you book cover

    This book examines why people are different and suggests that being different can be a good thing.

  • Feeling Angry book cover

    This book shows children how to deal with anger, and talks about staying calm, saying what you want to say, and making up afterwards.

  • Telling the Truth book cover

    Do you ever tell lies? Are lies and fibs different? Is it alright to tell a white lie? Sometimes it's very hard to tell the truth.

  • Being Friends book cover

    Children talk about the good things about being friends, what happens when their friends do things they don't like and when it's important to stick up for a friend.

  • Feeling Jealous book cover

    This book examines why we feel jealous or envious of others, and suggests ways in which we might learn to deal with these feelings.